A band on Ed

This is Ed. Ed is a giant, but what he really wants to be is in the Battle of the Bands. He doesn't know how to play an instrument, but he's a pretty impressive stage. Now he just needs a band. So help the big guy out and put a band on Ed!

This is my submission to Mini Jam 65: Abandoned. It's very unfinished, unpolished and in it's current state stops when you first enter combat. I'll try and have some fixes and additional content in place soon. I ended up ripping out and redoing all of the old combat system. Most of the content had to go too. Combat works right now, but you only have two enemies to fight. Have fun!

How to play

First of all, you might want to press [x] to enter the menu and equip some band members. Use arrow keys to select, [z] to confirm and [x] to go back. Different members have different genre skills, and every genre boosts some skills and weakens another.


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love the camera movement,, but.  i cant figure out how to select