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The De Rolo family has fallen, slaughtered by the treacherous Briarwoods. Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, the last remaining heir, returns to take vengeance.

Sure, sure, but what is this?

It's a demo of a bigger project I was working on for the Spooky September 4-Color Jam. My original idea (a platformer with three levels and four bossfights) proved way to big in scope for the duration of the jam. So I just cut off part of a level, added a score counter and infinitely spawning enemies and released it as a kind of Horde Mode.

That's pretty neat. How do I play?

Controls are pretty simple. Arrow keys move you around. Jumping and ducking help avoid enemy attacks. "Z" is for your sword, "X" is for your gun. Hold it to aim, or just tap the button for a quick shot. Mind your ammo though.

The game is very much inspired by Bloodborne. If you've done a visceral attack in that game, you might want to try the same thing here.

Cool. But what's up with Critical Role? Is this an official game?

Nope. I've never had any contact with the folks at Critical Role and this is in no way supported or endorsed by them.

StatusIn development
AuthorBrain in a Bowl
Made withTIC-80
Tags2D, Horror, Pixel Art, TIC-80
Average sessionA few minutes

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Amazing graphics and a nice combat system, but it got repetitive really fast. for a while I thought the gun wasn't hurting them. Wasn't a fan of the camera, either.

Overall it's a good jam game, but lacks substance. I'd love to see it extended with 3 levels and 4 boss fights!

Thanks for the feedback! Additional weapons and enemies for more variety are also planned for the full game. Might take a while to get everything done though :)

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Very nice, also if in certain parts the game seems to slow down.
I reached 1720 points, I'm so noobish. :v

Thanks, that's better than my high score! I added some features to speed up the game. Since I didn't experience slowdowns it's difficult to test, but I hope this works for you.