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I like the game but I don't like how, just say if zombies are in front of me, if I jump over them, they still somehow hit me. I also don't like how if I jump and land it kinda freezes *takes too long to get up* and takes a second to get up. Still a good game.

nice esthetics. Nice little music but on my computer it stuter and its a bit slow...

agree with the camera it is a bit too brutal. So far I really like the atmosphere and the gameplay

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very cool game! the camera moving when you attack can get really annoying , and jumping feels a little clunky. two suggestions I have are adding some kind of aerial attack, and more enemy variety. Great game though!

hello, would you like to join my tic-80 game jam?

i love this game btw

Teria como baixa lo em p8 ou png?

Amazing graphics and a nice combat system, but it got repetitive really fast. for a while I thought the gun wasn't hurting them. Wasn't a fan of the camera, either.

Overall it's a good jam game, but lacks substance. I'd love to see it extended with 3 levels and 4 boss fights!

Thanks for the feedback! Additional weapons and enemies for more variety are also planned for the full game. Might take a while to get everything done though :)

Can't wait!

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Very nice, also if in certain parts the game seems to slow down.
I reached 1720 points, I'm so noobish. :v

Thanks, that's better than my high score! I added some features to speed up the game. Since I didn't experience slowdowns it's difficult to test, but I hope this works for you.