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Would you like fries with this?

very pretty game, and the combat abilities were fun!  I got to and beat the boss pretty easily--it feels like the blunt/stun weapons are pretty OP. I think it could be nice to experiment with 8 directional combat to get more of a chaotic brawl feeling going. I'd like to see the wait time between movements shortened a little (and of course a proper win screen :) ) Nice job!

Lovely game! Having those combat abilities is a refreshing change up to equipped items and bump combat. Love the tackle and kick moves. The little popup menus are perfect.

Couple of nits. Would be nice to be able to interrupt animations to keep the game responsive to keypresses. I did mistakenly press 1 twice and restart -- oops -- you might want that option on different keys given you use the number keys so much already. 

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I love the style of this game! Amazing job.

Thanks! The visuals were among the easiest part to develop, they just came together naturally. I'm glad to see most people like the way they turned out.